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Helping businesses connect

It is customers in their 20s and 30s who are driving technology agendas.

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Customer retention

Loyalty programs drive up retention but our main focus is to maintain margin as well.

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Fast solutions

Extending your brand onto mobile is no longer a luxury, it is actually a necessity.

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Mobile solutions

The importance of being present in the digital space. It's there where people look and buy.

About Consorteum Holdings

Consorteum Holdings started out as a transaction management company focused on transaction processing solutions and products for the payment processing and financial transaction markets.

Digital content

Holdings has transformed itself into a software development company and mobile publishing company focused on the delivery of digital content to mobile devices, mobile payments solutions and products.


Holdings has spent the last several years developing relationships and licensing agreements that will enable us to participate in the rapidly developing FinTech market and its associated verticals.

Engineering costs

The development team that we hired had spent the past eight years and millions of dollars in non-recurring engineering costs to complete the development of the platform.


Mark W. via Twitter

We bridged the gap between physical and virtual banking services, extending the bank’s reach with an affordable electronic footprint.Thank you, Consorteum Holdings.